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                Terms, Conditions. Order Form

We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX via PayPal. You can also pay from available checking accouint funds. We issue a PayPal invoice. If you don't already have a PayPal, simnply respond to the invoive by submitting your payment infomation, thereby opening an acount. Your payment will be sent to us You payment information is confidential, not shared with us. A simple process, very secure for you


                                ONLINE ORDER PROCEDURE  

 1. An instant order confirmation appears on your screen.

 2Within 24 hours maximum you receive a PayPal invoice.
   a. Title and description of ordered item(s)

   b. Itemized accounting:

   c. Confirmation of delivery method and date

Your order will ber shipped wihtin three (3) business days of our receiot of cleared funds. 


                                          ONLINE WARRANTY


1.  Return within 10 days for full refund/credit  All items purchased online from Lee Yee Photography are under warranty with respect to quality, condition, authenticity and any and all other factors included in the description. You may return an item for cause under this warranty in original condition within 10 days for a full refund or credit (your choice). Refunds will be issued only when there is cause under this warranty. Otherwise credit (or exchange) will be issued for returned items.

2. Return Procedure Before returning an item please contact us for authorization and shipping information. Credit only will be issued for items returned without authorization, provided items are in original condition.

3. Return after 10 Days for Credit/Exchange  After 10 days, any item(s) purchased from Lee Yee Photography, other than personalized photographs [with inscribed dedication], may be unconditionally returned, in original condition, for immediate
exchange or full credit on account toward the purchase of any other item(s). No time limit on exchange.


4. Order cancellation Orders may be cancelled within 3 days [72 hrs.] of order placement, unless the order has already been shipped. Orders must be cancelled via email. All orders not cancelled via email within that time will be considered firm orders. GMP issues a final email order confirmation within maximum 24 hrs. of our recepit of payment. Technical or other factors may prevent your receiving it or being aware of its receipt. Please inform us within 3 days [72 hrs.] via e-mail if you believe you have not received your confirmation.  A confirmation will be promptly reissued. Lack of receipt of the email confirmation is not grounds for order cancellation at a later date.


Here's what happens when you submit an order:
1. An  instant short form confirmation appears on your screen
2. Within 24 hiur you rceive:
    a. PayPal invoice
    b. Detailed description of photo[s] ordered 
    c.  Iteized acconting
    d. Conformaitn of delviery date and mehtod.
Your order will processed upon our ereceiot of PayPal payment, compled and shipped within 3 buysuinees days.

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