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St. Stephens Girls College, Hong Kong
San Francisco Art Institute BFA, MFA Photography
University of California/Berkeley MA
 Art History
New York University Ph.D. Art History

Extensive curatorial and administrative experience in fine art & photography. A brief sojourn in the televison industry (A&E).

I began casually shooting museum and galleries for myself...subject matter expanded, evolving into a full-time undertaking.

I started with a Yashica Mat Twin Lens 2 1/4in.
film camera, added 35mm SLRs, transitioned
o digital by 2010. Industrial, fashion, event and other photo assignments; printing fiber-based gelatin silver prints for exhibiting photographers.

I am motivated by my bottomless fascination with New York. I take a camera with me
everywhere, every day. Occasionally I set
out to cover a specific subject. More often I
head for a locale and shoot what I see there, often the unnoticed, the ordinary..

Journalism? Art? I try to combine reportage with pictorial value. It sometimes works, 
but not always.

Good luck is vital in this game. 

Lee Yee
Staten Island Ferry


 "Among her many New York subjects:
  wise compassionate photos of
  women, caught up in urban life,
  working, getting married or simply   waiting to cross the street."


"Lee Yee's subject is all of New York.
  Street detritus to a rural glade.  
  People in transit, laundry drying,
  a museum interior. She's an astute
  sightseer, a crafty visual reporter.
  The new art journalist."




Lee Yee
Gansevoort Street 
Whitney Museum
May, 2015

Lee Yee interviewed by
Sylvie Deneuve, Paris, 2014
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